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Advanced Property & Environmental Contracting Services (APECS, Inc.), is committed to providing the highest level of professional service in the home inspection industry.  Our licensed inspectors are reliable, honest, and thorough.  We have the training and experience to accurately assess the condition of your home, and the communication skills to clearly describe the results to you.

When you want a thorough Home Inspection in Maryland, APECS is the only name you'll need!

We offer knowledgeable and comprehensive inspections dedicated to educating our clients about the condition of the home prior to purchase.  We quote our prices based on the size of the home, not the selling price.  Our clients receive unlimited customer phone consultations, before and after the inspection.

We strive to maintain the most extensive continuing education and training available in the industry today.  We meet or exceed every Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics set by the National Association of Home Inspectors, Inc. (NAHI), and Maryland Association of Home Inspectors, Inc. (MAHI).  We follow all Maryland State EPA regulations and guidelines, and the National Standards of Practice set by Indoor Environmental Standards Organization (IESO), and the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA).  We are board certified through the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC) formerly the American Indoor Air Quality Council.  We serve Harford County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, and all surrounding areas in Maryland.

What you can expect:

checkWe will educate you about your home
checkWe will make suggestions for maintaining your home's value
checkWe will report on hundreds of items in your home
checkWe use a State of the Art Reporting System
checkYou will receive an electronic version e-Report System emailed directly to you
checkYour completed e-Report will be available by the end of that day (in most cases)
checkWe will protect our client's future investment
checkWe will follow NAHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
checkWe provide Environmental Services for additional Health and Safety Protection
checkWe are available for last minute calls

Our comprehensive Home Inspections, by a Licensed Maryland Inspector, will cover every aspect of your home.  Below is a basic list of what will be covered on your home inspection report.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have, prior to the inspections.  One of our Inspectors will be happy to speak with you.

Home Inspections in Maryland
Chimney & Fireplace Chimney & Fireplace

checkReport on visible loose or cracking bricks
checkCheck for visible signs of deteriorating mortar
checkOperate Dampers
checkInspect fire box for overall condition
checkReport presence of visible heavy creosote
checkInspect presence and condition of flue cap and chimney crown
checkOperate blowers
Roof & Attic Roof & Attic

checkCheck for previous repairs
checkReport any missing shingles or signs of wear
checkInspect condition of flashing, valleys, skylights, plumbing boots, vents and other roof penetrations
checkReport on presence of FRT plywood and condition
checkInspect overhangs and soffit
checkEvaluate attic for proper insulation and ventilation
Heating & Cooling Heating & Cooling

checkReport overall condition of ductwork and lines
checkObserve condition of proper venting
checkObserve condition of boiler and combustion chamber
checkInspect Burner
checkOperate thermostat
checkReport fuel supply
checkInspect heat pump and air conditioner
checkEvaluate condition for overflow pan and condensation drain
checkReport on condition and presence of filter
Foundation & Structure Foundation & Structure

checkInspect exposed areas around slabs and sub-floors for visible water infiltrations
checkEvaluate any accessible crawl space or basement for moisture
checkObserve condition of mortar joints for cracking, crumbling, or deterioration
checkInspect for signs of previous termite or insect treatments
checkObserve overall visible and accessible framing and structural conditions
checkReport on any visible structural defects
checkCheck flooring for visible sagging or damage
Electrical Systems Electrical Systems

checkObserve for presence of proper grounding
checkReport on panel and service size and presence of over-current protecion
checkInspect condition of visible wiring
checkInspect Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)
checkReport on presence of aluminum branch wiring
checkObserve condition of electrical panel and components
checkEvaluate receptacle polarity when accessible
Plumbing Systems Plumbing Systems

checkReport on any visible leaks
checkInspect condition of water heater and presence of TPR valve
checkObserve supply line and main shutoff valve
checkCheck traps for leaks and proper venting
checkInspect all visible supply, drain, and waste components
checkReport on any presence of visible Polybutylene
checkInspect outdoor hose bits
Grounds Grounds

checkInspect condition of retaining walls
checkReport on signs of erosion
checkObserve drainage around house
checkInspect condition of stoop
checkEvaluate grading immediate to structure
checkNote areas where siding is improperly in contact with grading
checkReport on trees and bushes causing visible damage to structure
Doors, Windows & Exterior Doors, Windows & Exterior

checkReport on overall condition of windows and doors
checkInspect exterior caulking and condition of outdoor paints, stains, and sealants
checkOperate locking mechanisms
checkReport the overall condition of exterior surfaces and components
checkObserve working condition of doors and windows

Our Licensed Home Inspectors are also licensed for the
Baltimore County rental property inspections program.

For more information regarding our licensed real estate home inspectors in MD, click here
or call us directly at 443-618-8131


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Providing residential, commercial and rental property inspections in Baltimore County,
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